How To Write Magical Headlines To Generate New Leads

In a busy world nobody has time to read the full story and customers want INSTANT delivery. When it comes to pitching a media or getting attention of new customers via social media you should stand out!  Here are 7 signs of a good headline. Plus I prepared couple exercises  to help you to improve … [Read more...]

Are you living in the world of “What if…..”?


Have you ever thought you needed to become a super duper  copywriter to write effective publicity in order to get new clients?  Your doubts put fears in your heart and you might have asked yourself questions "How can I write a story? or Where can I come up with topic ideas?" Truth....We get … [Read more...]

Become a fabulous content writer and profit from your creative ideas

“Creativity is a talent. It is a gift. Anyone can write a story but your goal is to get people hooked on your story.  Can you do it? “ You have ideas. You have a big vision. You feel lost. You might feel scared. You might have lost some confidence. You cannot decide what to do next. You want … [Read more...]

Writing your bio or a little pitch?

Good morning . Let's have a coffee chat about you! When I asked my clients in the past if they had a great bio they said they never had time to put one together...or did know what to write. I decided to give you  some ideas .and questions to ask yourself to remove your writing block. Simple. Fun. … [Read more...]

8 ways to write your story

Tatyana is here. Are you still thinking about your next big story...? I was talking to a friend of mine who has been in advertising and PR for decades about writing a good media story and what it really took to put a good story together to impress readers and compel them to buy your products … [Read more...]

How to start writing effortlessly – a magic formula to unlock your creativity

"When asked, 'How do you write?' I invariably answer, 'one word at a time.'- Stephen King “How do I start writing? I do not write like you do, Tatyana! You write so well and so clear”! I hear this statement all the time from people I meet. They think they cannot write or I would say they … [Read more...]

How to create success from setbacks….Simple formula that works!

  Tatyana is here... Celebrating Christmas with my boys and friends was precious,  and it is time  to make a plan for 2013. As we are reflecting on the events of 2012 during this holiday week, I want to share few things with you about setbacks and victories. I hope it will give  you few … [Read more...]

Nashville Artist and Owner of O’Gallery Brings New Vibe To Nashville…


Nashville art is evolving thanks to trendsetters like my dear friend Olga Alexeeva, an amazing artist, an inspiration to Nashville business owners and a powerful female entrepreneur who built an incredible reputation in her business circles. I love to give a good publicity to biz owners through … [Read more...]

Как начать бизнес EMPOWER NETWORK в России

  Сеть  Empower  Network  расширяется и разростается по всему миру, влияя на жизни людей в более чем 100 странах. И русские бизнесмены и предприниматели не исключение. Когда они видят великолепную возможность создать лучший стиль жизни, они решаются на это. В прошлом единственное, что … [Read more...]

Why I decided to partner with Empower Network after I resisted this thing for a year…especially on 12/12/12


  Tatyana is back...and it is December 12, 2012. They say 12.12.12 it is a day of change and new beginnings. What we feel today will set the right mood for the rest of December and 2013. We can set our mood to feel more gratitude, attract more abundance, more love and more joy into our … [Read more...]