Nashville Artist and Owner of O’Gallery Brings New Vibe To Nashville…


Nashville art is evolving thanks to trendsetters like my dear friend Olga Alexeeva, an amazing artist, an inspiration to Nashville business owners and a powerful female entrepreneur who built an incredible reputation in her business circles. I love to give a good publicity to biz owners through … [Read more...]

Mummies, Grammy’s and PR persona…

The photo credit Resource Entertaintment Group What can we learn from  some of the best song writers like "Here come the Mummies" and cool music? The Resource Entertainment calls them "One of the most inventive, bizarre, and flat-out fun party bands you'll ever see! Here Come the Mummies, direct … [Read more...]

PR Detective on the assignment: why do I need a publicity?

Public relations professional Tatyana Gann

Sometimes I feel like a PR detective. I often joke with my clients about being a private PR investigator. I research, write, spy, connect and build relationships. I get the information about what media wants and bring the results to  my clients to create  a powerful publicity. Just a couple … [Read more...]

Exclusive Interview with Nancy Olson – SlenderPops, Celiac and MTV Movie Awards!

When Facebook brought us together...Facebook is an amazing platform to build relationships. When Nancy Olson and I met few months ago we built a strong relationship and decided to work together! Recently four of us, four business women from across the country, decided to get together in Palm Springs … [Read more...]

Episode # 3 Live With Tatyana Radio Show With Special Guest Jessica Miller-Merrell

jessica miller-merrell, Tweet This! Twitter for Business

Welcome Back To Our "Life With Tatyana Show" on Nashville radio station WVOL1470 AM!!! We have a special guest on our radio show Life With Tatyana on Nashville radio station WVOL1470.com with myself and Deniece Barnes, a charming hostess of Differences Show,  a rising star in social media, … [Read more...]

The man who taught me the greatest publicity lesson..

"Are you ready to create a long term celebrity status and be in the spotlight? I has a privilege to meet an amazing man, the man behind the brilliant movies Avatar and Titanic, Mr. James Cameron. He has taught me a huge lesson.  Just recently I stumbled across my photo I took with him at the … [Read more...]