How To Write Magical Headlines To Generate New Leads

In a busy world nobody has time to read the full story and customers want INSTANT delivery. When it comes to pitching a media or getting attention of new customers via social media you should stand out!  Here are 7 signs of a good headline. Plus I prepared couple exercises  to help you to improve … [Read more...]

Writing your bio or a little pitch?

Good morning . Let's have a coffee chat about you! When I asked my clients in the past if they had a great bio they said they never had time to put one together...or did know what to write. I decided to give you  some ideas .and questions to ask yourself to remove your writing block. Simple. Fun. … [Read more...]

8 ways to write your story

Tatyana is here. Are you still thinking about your next big story...? I was talking to a friend of mine who has been in advertising and PR for decades about writing a good media story and what it really took to put a good story together to impress readers and compel them to buy your products … [Read more...]

Как начать бизнес EMPOWER NETWORK в России

  Сеть  Empower  Network  расширяется и разростается по всему миру, влияя на жизни людей в более чем 100 странах. И русские бизнесмены и предприниматели не исключение. Когда они видят великолепную возможность создать лучший стиль жизни, они решаются на это. В прошлом единственное, что … [Read more...]

Why I decided to partner with Empower Network after I resisted this thing for a year…especially on 12/12/12


  Tatyana is back...and it is December 12, 2012. They say 12.12.12 it is a day of change and new beginnings. What we feel today will set the right mood for the rest of December and 2013. We can set our mood to feel more gratitude, attract more abundance, more love and more joy into our … [Read more...]

Announcement! Nerium AD, an anti-aging breakthrough reaches russian women in North America….

Russian Nerium

As I am approaching 40 I realize how much time and energy we, women, invest in our beauty,  health and creating success.  One of powerful lessons I learned was a lesson about inner beauty and self love . It all starts inside before it shows up on our face...However, women are always looking for the … [Read more...]

Change your life script…Change your life.


  The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein Tatyana is here.. In  the past  couple weeks I had  major aha moments and a quantum leap in my personal  and spiritual growth to see and experience … [Read more...]

Announced! Nerium AD Nashville and Nationwide PR and marketing campaign!

Nerium Bottle_RGB

  Finally! An anti-aging discovery, NeriumAD campaign to transform your life!   I am excited to share that I am  launching a major PR campaign for an antiaging breakthrough NeriumAD and I am accepting new brand partners to leave a legacy of life changers and launch local markets in … [Read more...]

How to create bigger profits during the holiday season

  Tatyana is here.. Don't you love fall?  You feel nice crisp air outside and you crave some hot chocolate or hot apple cider or enjoy a fireplace with your loved ones... Fall season is a perfect time to start thinking about the Holiday promotions. It is time to design and develop … [Read more...]

You cannot have spiritual growith without this…..

Tatyana is here. I have not written in a while.  Spiritual growth became the fancy phrase in the world of “self help gurus” but “spiritually hungry” people are still looking for answers.  Where do you start? When you realize that the best asset you can have is not your real estate, cars, … [Read more...]