Top Ten Things You Must Know To Write Bio For Your Publicity


"If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write, because our culture has no use for it. " Anais Nin Do you feel scared, nervous or frustrated about writing your own bio? If you are about to write a biography for your website you … [Read more...]

5 Trusted Methods To Achieve Best Reputation Online and Manage Your Brand!

Want more web visibility, best reputation online and star like publicity? Just few months ago I wrote about a marketing lesson I learned from a super star. I was very fortunate to meet James Cameron, the director of Avatar and Titanic, at the local fund raising event featuring local Nashville … [Read more...]

Through the eyes of a child…


(our little son Daniel and his passion to draw is amazing) Remember being a KID? Playtime was ALL the time!  You didn’t have to worry about going to work…the only things considered “work” were the chores you had to do, or the most dreaded task…CLEANING YOUR ROOM!!  And what about worrying??…well, … [Read more...]

The Role of PR 2.0: Public Relations On Steroids+ Exclusive Interview with Pitchengine CEO Jason Kintzler


Announcing! Special Interview and PR 2.0 Training With Jason Kintzler, A Media Cowboy, CEO and Founder of Pitchengine, Tatyana Gann and Angela Giles! (watch this video!) Learn how you get on a first page of Google with just one story, PR 2.0 strategies that are simple and bring product … [Read more...]

Hot Topic and It is Not “The View” : Can We Put People Back into Public Relations?


"How to Put People Back into Public Relations and Why Online PR is the Flame to Your Business Success" Special Guest on My Blog Talk Radio Show Deirdre Breakenridge Have you ever thought about what is wrong with Online PR? Do the ancient PR methods work? What have changed in the past years with … [Read more...]

News: Monavie.TV Contestant Alex Zubarev Amazed People with His Creativity

When it comes to creativity one of the Monavie.Tv contestants Alex Zubarev created a cool buzz among monavie representatives and also viewers who loved his unique style of presenting the product. Short, thought provoking Alex's Monavie video really got a lot of votes and I can say that … [Read more...]

Part 1. Benefits Of Carbon Copy PRO membership – a premiere internet marketing training community

What are the major benefits to become a member of Carbon Copy PRO training community for online entrepreneurs and traditional small business owners? The Carbon Copy Pro has been designed and developed by top marketing experts Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson as a premiere platform of internet … [Read more...]

How To Get The Most Out of Your Social Networking Sites

If you look at all the websites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter they are getting more and more traffic every day. Social networking sites gained a lot of credibility in the past 2 years and corporations such as Dell, Home Depot, and even celebrities as Kathy Ireland, Ellen Show, Today … [Read more...]

Marketing Lesson About Being Authentic from Russian Winnie the Pooh

I was watching classic a Russian cartoon about Winnie the Pooh on YouTube last night, and until now of course never noticed how much this cartoon could teach me about life, business and mindset.  It took me years to discover the true beauty of this powerful message in that little 10 min segments you … [Read more...]

Is Twitter Your New Addiction or Just a Cool Friend?

Twitter is becoming  one of the hottest marketing tools  used around the world. It became the hottest online party where everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion, share news, make people laugh and even put together political campaign. Facebook and Twitter are responsible for president … [Read more...]