Who removed “face” out of Facebook?

“How to put “Face” Back into Social Media and why we don’t want “faceless” friends” Have you ever had a “Facebook friend” who you’ve never seen what they look like? These are the kind of people who use their product or something else as their avatar and they are never quite … [Read more...]

What if Facebook had a Dislike Button… would it matter? Part 1

(credit to Zedia.net) "Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition."  Abraham Lincoln What if Facebook had a Dislike Button... would it matter? What does it matter to you? Does it REALLY matter? I am talking about our reputation, our publicity...What do … [Read more...]

Do you remember your first date?


"How would you like to know the little secret to creating successful Facebook relationships with your friends and turn fans into loyal customers?" A couple of days ago I was in the Pottery Barn store and I stopped by to check out new office accessories. A young lady was looking at the same chair … [Read more...]

“Facebook Like Button”, Online PR Traffic and WordPress Blog


Discover  how this little cute "Facebook Like " button on your WordPress Blog can bring magic online PR traffic and give more  online publicity than you can handle! Have you  believed that widgets and plugins could save our  business? If you asked me few months ago about all the plugins … [Read more...]